App Challenge 2021

    The Winners

    Thirty-one initial app proposals have made it into the development phase of the App Challenge 2021. Our jury of 22 integrators has chosen the best three apps from those uploaded to the S&ST Application Store.

    Here are the winners of this year's App Challenge!

    Group 8699

    1st Place

    Seat Occupancy by Noema

    Billions of people use modern mass transportation systems daily. There is a considerable management cost associated with operating mass transit effectively and adequately. Managing seat occupancy and passenger counting is part of the equation. Passengers tend to take incorrect seat numbers, put luggage in seats, and occupy seats without fare. All of these inconsistencies create hurdles for ticketing and transportation information systems.

    Noema has developed a Seat Occupancy Monitoring App which helps to detect whether a seat is occupied by a passenger and count the number of occupied seats. In addition, the application can detect and distinguish between seats occupied by people and those occupied by luggage.

    There are already some existing solutions on the market, such as seat pressure sensors or IR sensors. However, these solutions have limitations and require additional investment. These challenges are now resolved with Noema’s Seat Occupancy Monitoring Application.

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    2nd Place

    FloodCAM by WaterView

    This App provides camera-based detection of flood events in both urban and suburban areas.

    • It integrates and adds redundancy to traditional water level sensors
    • It can be added to existing traffic cameras
    • It doesn’t need additional hardware, such as data loggers
    • Data is directly transmitted to control rooms
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    Studio Automated

    3rd Place

    VSA by Studio Automated

    This App is an AI plug-in that processes the data flow from surveillance cameras to detect anomalies and send the anomalies to a VMS (or dashboard), so CCTV observers will get only relevant footage. 

    Virtual Surveillance Assistant will detect if seats in a stadium are occupied or occupied within a certain distance and send alerts. It also counts the number of people in a specific area and creates an alert when there is a sudden increase or decrease of visitors in a particular area. The VSA is a generic application but can be trained on specific anomalies.

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    The Prizes 

    • Prize money comprising 10.000 € each winner.
    • Participation in one of our upcoming events.
    • Visibility among potential key customers.
    • A joint webinar to present the company and solutions to our audience of customers.
    • Award Ceremony at our escon 2021 Ecosystem Conference.
    • A joint, global press release after the App Challenge is spreading the word!

    Think you might have THE next big idea?

    The S&ST App Challenge 2022 will kick off soon – so stay tuned! We are excited to learn about your app development proposal.